Hi there! I am Gaurav. I graduated from Iowa State University with a Masters in Computer Science in December of 2019. I did my undergrad in Electronics and Communications Engineering from National Institute of Technology, Hamirpur, India. I worked for around 6 years in India, over the course of which, I developed an interest in Computer Science. The interest kept growing until, finally, in fall of 2017, I found myself halfway across the world in Ames, Iowa.

If you are a recruiter, you can find my most recent projects in the Projects dropdown list. The code that was used in the projects is present as links in the text itself. You can search for "code" in the text and get the relevant links to my Github page. Or if the idea of the project interests you, you can read through the text and let me know in case you have any feedback. Some static HTML pages are present under HTML projects.

If you are just browsing through - Welcome! This page is intended to serve as an index for all the things (projects, notes, code, blogs, photos) that I have created so far. I hope for it to also serve as a central repository for all things, academic and otherwise, that have interested me over the years and continue to interest me today as well.

One of the reasons of creating this page is also to maintain an online repository of notes of the lectures that I have enjoyed during my Masters here at Iowa State. You can find all of these notes in the Notes section. If you have any suggestions for the site, or would just like to chat, feel free to send me a mail: rajgaurav.bk@gmail.com

Site under construction.
More stuff coming soon!